Touwu Miaoli,waishitan community-the first experience of pulling white radish

The first experience of pulling white radish

Chinese New Year is not very boring!
I don't know what to do interesting things.
Then pull out the white radish.

Waishitan Community of Touwu Miaoli 
I also heard that
The radish festival is often held before
It represents the white radish here.
It must be delicious.

a large piece of farmland here
Before planting white radish seeds, it was planting rice.
Seeds are directly sprinkled without weeding after harvesting

It is said that because it is rice of water type
Therefore, the white radish of the latter kind is rich in water and sweet.
It is completely different from the taste of white radish grown in ordinary agricultural land.

So the carrot cake that I used to make is more delicious.
It’s also delicious to make pickled radishes.

This time I came to the field of my relatives’ family.
Also tell us to take it casually.
The issue is.......

a piece of grass
When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t know which one was white radish.
I have spent my eyes

Where is it? ?

I found it after a close look.
The leaves of white radish are different from weeds
After you open it, you can also find that some of the heads of white radish are coming out.

I can find it by this
Also because it was the rice that was previously soft and the soil was relatively soft.
Pull it out with a single pull
Basically don't have to spend too much effort

I have no experience at first.
Pulled out too small
I started to have large white radish after I got started.

Take a step and take a step
I have long forgotten that I could not find the white radish at first.

Full bag
In fact, in the end, a total of 5-6 big bags were taken.
I can imagine how long the white radish has been eaten.

Lifted to the hand
Relatives also asked me if I want to pull the radish next year.
I said thank you and then contacted.

The whole process is very interesting
But only when you pull the radish
Handling back to the car and going home
It’s not fun at all.
Tired to burst! ! ! !

Have the opportunity to experience the work of farmers, understand the value of food, and also be a good education.

Know to cherish, don't waste food


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