Miaoli,Gongweixu Tunnel - Decorate abandoned train tunnel with colorful lights and train sound effects

Gongweixu Tunnel - Old Train Tunnel

Many friends will ask what attractions Miaoli can go to.
Even if I go back to my grandfather’s house every year,
 I’m serious about it’s really not very familiar with Miaoli.
Or did not spend too much time looking for it, after all, 
every time I go back, I hope to bring the elderly to other cities.
Always in the same place, he can't afford to be interested.

But for us, there may still be a lot that is worth developing.
No matter where a place is good or bad, it is best to go to it yourself to make the next judgment.Everyone’s feelings are different from their preferences,
 and the boring thoughts of others may be interesting to you.Here is one of them too!

The first time I came here, I will be put on the street sign everywhere.In the end, is this indicator hoping where I am going? ?Just like there are a lot of roads for you to choose from, but you choose yourself.Just follow a road and you’re right, don’t think so much.

When you walk down, you can understand why the road sign is like this.
One is well-connected, and many branches are gathered from different directions to the destination.
(On the way to the parking lot, there is an area dedicated to the tour bus, which is also an entrance)

The tunnel that feels so subtle before going into the tunnel, the tunnel that will pass by the train, can now go in.It is still a tunnel that has existed for decades.

At first glance, I can’t see the end. It seems to be just a darkness. This is the beginning of another hole.

Into the tunnel~~~~Of course, the rails do not exist. It is inconvenient and unsafe to walk.Therefore, it was changed to a walking path, and the height of the footsteps on both sides was also illuminated.Safety first! ! Can't just look up and walk above and hit the wall.

The lights on the top of the head will change the different seven colors, with the train sound
Walking slowly in the tunnel, there will be a feeling of crossing the time.From this one entrance to another exit, is it the other side?

The entire tunnel is not long, and it takes about 10-15 minutes to finish.Of course, there is no time to take pictures and spend!I can still see a locomotive when I go out.

Suggestion: When going to the locomotive to bypass the parking lot from the outside, it is necessary to walk a mountain road far away, unless someone drives the car here to pick up, otherwise it will be more convenient to return from the original tunnel.

If you go to Miaoli, you can come here and walk the tunnel to see the train! Very interesting experience.


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