Tongluo Miaoli,TongLuo Tea Factory-Tea House Upgraded version Drinking afternoon tea and gathering with friends

TongLuo Tea Factory

On the way to Jiuhuashan
There is more such a place, why do you go to see it every year now?
It just started to open after the last time we went
But there will always be a chance to go
Just like this time, my family proposed to go to see Jiuhuashan before going to see it.

I still feel that the tea factory will not have a bunch of machines inside before I even go in.
 Full of tea leaves everywhere.

Unexpectedly, modern design
Combination with traditional products
I don’t think it’s a tea factory when I first came in.

But if you come in, you need to buy tickets for $100/person.
Can be used for consumption
If you plan to come in and have a cup of tea or buy tea and surrounding goods,
It is recommended to come in, otherwise it is not necessary

How many butterflies do you have? ?

Every day, there is a kind of tea that can be used for free.
But the tea I drank that day was quite ordinary.

In addition, you can also make a reservation here.
Or tea garden picking tea, DIY tea making experience, etc.
If you are interested, you can consult them on their website.

These should be some of the appliances that will be used in conjunction with the event.

There are many 1-2 floors in the seating area.
Individuals would like to sit downstairs
The above environmental space does not have the atmosphere below.

There are also many tea products or other products placed next to them.
More interesting is some of the previous antiques.

After going outdoors, there is a tea tree variety demonstration area.
It’s true that only occasional tea is used.
It’s really a big difference!
Have the opportunity to experience DIY activities
It should be fun

The total area of tea gardens is about 30 hectares. Most of them are natural farming methods and organically planted. The organic certified tea gardens cover about 3 hectares. It is a tea garden with ecological and environmental protection.


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