Nobody is perfect,Everyone have problems



I want to write down this idiom when I write this. I only remember that the people behind are not perfect. The previous sentence is really not in my mind. For the allusion or reason of this paragraph, you can check the Internet, otherwise the technology is so developed, it is the right people to use.

This is a paragraph that is usually easy to hear, but it is also a paragraph that is easy to ignore. Everyone wants to pursue perfection, whether it is a person or a thing, but in this process it is possible to lose the self, but it will cause confusion. What is it? Is that imagination perfect? ​​Is it really what you want? I was also kidnapped by those two words!

Do you still remember that when you started from a young age, you were asked that this is actually not what you want, and that any mistakes in the middle will be accused of being blamed, is it a bit inexplicable, like a score of 100 is perfect, as long as you test 98 points I will also be told why I am not trying to get a 2 point difference, not that you are already great.

These small incidents accumulate that everyone is chasing the value and perfection of the other person's eyes, but the guilt that is not achieved is not stacked on the other side, but also becomes assimilated and chased by perfection. . As long as there is no tipping point, this bomb is an unexploded ordnance.

One day when I was watching the Korean variety show, there was a Korean couple living in New York. My mother used to be a funny star. Dad was a dentist, but the most impressive thing was their daughter, who said at a dinner table some night. This sentence [people are not perfect, people have problems], this problem also refers to the shortcomings. When I saw it, I was very emotional. This child can say such a thing. It’s not easy to have such a deep thought at that age, and this open state can express his own ideas and will not be blamed. Of course. Nor need to be accused.

I used to lose in the words of perfection. I don’t know if I can get out of it now, at least I’m trying it. Why do you say this? When I want to do something, I will start thinking about it. It is not suitable for me. Can I do this thing as I imagined or even to perfection, if not? Is it necessary to give up and not do it? If it does not reach the highest standard, what is the significance? It is better not to start.

On the other hand, I feel that I can't do a perfect state at all. If I do it right, no matter what results are accepted, this contradictory inner entanglement is even more torturous.

Or one thing has already done the best situation in the moment, maybe there may be a better way in the future, but it is not now, to chase the unknown of the future.

Putting down that restraint and obsession, will it have better results and mentality, and recognize that the person who acknowledges it cannot be perfect. It becomes a similar morality that restricts oneself. Letting go of yourself and letting others pass, will not use a vain goal to transform the view of things and people, as long as they do not reach the people they think are bad people.

How to accept and tolerate is the ability we need to learn more! !


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