Da'an District,Taipei,Shenpu Shangyan-Shanghai classic snack, Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavor

Shenpu Shangyan-Shanghai

In the New Year, I am at the grandfather’s house with the whole family.

After finally returning to Taipei, I wanted to find a place to eat.

Is gathering with my family

My dad doesn't know where to see the introduction.

I made an appointment to go to this restaurant to eat Shanghai food.

Checked the Internet, it didn't take too long to open.

It is also a chef from a former famous restaurant.

This whole building has five floors.

1~4th floor is dining area, 5th floor kitchen

So in addition to the stairs, there is an elevator to go up.

Also suitable for some elderly people or children who are not convenient to walk around

The decor is more modern and refined.

The menu is also placed at the door.

Scallion oil Taro

【蔥油小芋艿】[Scallion oil Taro]
It is rare in Taiwan, but it is a very common dish in Zhejiang.
I also like Xiaoyan, and there is another way to eat steamed directly.
But still delicious in Zhejiang

Shanghai smoked fish

【上海熏魚】[Shanghai smoked fish]
This side dish is a bit unworthy.
Not enough taste, lack of taste, not enough fried

onion with pork ribs

【洋蔥㸆子排】[onion with pork ribs]
This is not bad, and it’s quite a meal.
The taste is not too heavy, the sweetness of the onion and the salty aroma of the sauce
The meat is soft and tender.

Hotbed chives with eggs

【韭黃老燒蛋】[Hotbed chives with eggs]
Originally, we were hesitant to ask for soup, the service staff introduced
It’s a dish with a little soup.
But really, not suitable when it is a soup

Casserole Shrimp

【鍋巴蝦仁】[Casserole Shrimp]
If you are afraid of being too greasy, you should consider it.
Eat hot as soon as possible, the latter will be a bit tired
Seasoning is not bad, because I love tomatoes.
It is not necessary to pour the shrimp into it.
Service staff will inform you in advance

This is also good, the skin is crispy, the fish is tender and sweet.
Be careful hot when eating

Snowy pork shredded rice cakescallion cake

【雪菜肉絲炒年糕】【蔥油餅】[Snowy pork shredded rice cake] [scallion cake]
The taste of fried rice cake is also good, the scallion cake is normal.

Dessert and fruit are free
Suitable for gathering places, but I think the taste has been adjusted, not so good.
The meal was basically OK, and there was no dish that made me particularly memorable.
Will you visit again to see the situation!


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