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[Jinxiang Cake Shop] Navel Cake - Hakka Meatloaf

Whenever I want to buy a hand gift
Most of them are pineapple cakes, sun cakes, etc.
I am not tired of eating, and people are tired of watching it.

Always eat some snacks that are not so easy to see.
So the navel cake has returned to the field of vision.
This is also one of the memories from snacks to big memories.
It was a very happy thing to have a navel cake at that time.
Because it can be considered a dessert
If you eat too much, you will be told by adults that you can’t eat so much.

Do you think it looks so cute?
Like a navel
The green bean paste inside will not eat rustling
Sweetness will not be too sweet
I don’t want to drink water after I finish eating.

This is an old shop in Tongluo Miaoli.
It was also a long time since its founding in 1935.
Also change on the packaging to keep up with the trend and beauty

Although there is still a traditional feeling
Where the bakery or bakery was placed

Navel cake is one of the signature products
Simple packaging, NT$140 

Boxed if it is NT$160 / box
It doesn’t matter if you eat it yourself.
Is it good to give away or box?

There is also this gift box packaging
Very suitable for gift giving

This old shop will still sell some bread.
Increase diversity

Hakka meatloaf is another popular commodity
Salty sweet and salty
With a little bit of pork and oily avocado and sweet melon

Also I like to eat!
Fortunately, these are only bought for special holidays.
Otherwise, if you have been eating, you should get fat.


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