Tongluo Miaoli,Jiuhuashan-suitable for the whole family,do not know where to go

TongLuo Jiuhuashan

Every year on the third day of the year, I will almost go to Jiuhuashan, as long as the weather is good.
Sounds like this name seems to be a mountain? ?
And it is indeed on a mountain. I didn’t really know what the name of the mountain was.

Why is it so famous in the local area, especially some traditional festivals or weekends?
Basically all are full of people
Because it is a temple and is widely known, most people in Miaoli should have heard it.
Many years ago, it opened a branch in Sanyi, but never went to Sanyi Jiuhuashan.

Come here to bring the elderly to come here, by the way to keep a safe!
After all, the age is a bit too big, and you can’t go too far or too often.
This is a good choice, followed by a horticultural area

My habit is to go to a temple, basically not taking pictures.
Be a respect for the gods unless it agrees

In addition, most people will also eat a bowl of safe noodles or tea.
I have to say that in plain terms, they are doing a good job, as well as side dishes.
It’s not for eating, it’s a blessing.
Also, because many people come here, they don’t have to donate money.
In my opinion, no matter what the reason is, just keep a respectful and inclusive heart.

Everything will be fine! ! Everything will be better


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