Xinyi District,Taipei-Moving in the alley-unnamed stinky tofu dining car-legendary small dining car

Unnamed stinky tofu dining car

Memories are always so nostalgic
[Stinky Tofu]
The smell and fluttering of that taste
If you don’t love it, it’s hateful.
Especially smelling it in the alley
Just know that it is coming!

At the moment when everyone pays more attention to healthy eating
Stinky tofu, this fried way of cooking
Become a food that occasionally satisfies your appetite

I still have an urge to see it.
From the beginning of my country, or when I have the first time to eat stinky tofu
This mobile stall has appeared.

a small stall of this age
Even this time I upgraded the equipment when I saw it.
But also after I think it seems to have disappeared for a few years
Once again, people’s vision
It’s really exciting.

The first bite of the crispy coat, the soft inside
That memory is back again.
I still remember that I bought 2 copies at the beginning, and the whole family was eating stinky tofu together.

It’s so kind and warm
I am still rushing to eat kimchi
Stinky tofu can steal, kimchi must win
The last thing left is a stinky tofu.
No kimchi can be used

Now, now, is it no matter which family is going to be reunited for dinner?
It’s not easy, let alone a simple stinky tofu.
Don't misunderstand

This  stinky tofu is still delicious.
Matching sauce and kimchi are very good
The sweet and sour tabletop kimchi completely relieves its greasy feeling
The aroma with vinegar makes me want to stop taking one more bite.

But now it’s really not a lot of opportunities for stalls.
For me, I have to become a legendary stall.
Maybe one day it will rest completely.
But I will always miss it~~! !


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