XiZhi,Mr. Ming Vietnam Food-Vietnamese Cuisine with local Vietnamese feel

Mr. Ming Vietnam Cuisine

After I expected it a long time
Finally solved this task
Exotic cuisine for me
Are very attractive
Try different ways of cooking and taste
Is a very interesting thing

In order to go to this restaurant
At least 3 failures
You know how much it hurts for me.

Want to eat but can't eat
I don’t want to go to another house to eat.
The main reason is that if you don’t drive
It’s not so convenient

There is a parking lot attached, so don’t worry if you drive.
But the parking space is not too much
Compare the number of seats in their restaurant

There is an outdoor dining space here.
It’s quite comfortable to sit outside when the weather is good.

The interior space is also adequate, with large tables and small tables
Very suitable for multi-person dinner or family

Their service staff are wearing traditional Vietnamese costumes.
So when you walk into the restaurant, you have a kind of Vietnamese style.

Their chopsticks are also covered with bamboo chopsticks.Pretty like
The sauce is not strong, and there will be no feeling of heavy sauce for Southeast Asian cuisine.
Have the taste of fish sauce, and a little sweet

[Chicken salad]

It’s obvious that the nine-story tower is scented with cilantro, and the sauce is very salty and sweet.
It’s ok to eat two dishes.

[Pork and French Bread]

This name sounds very special, pull bone pork? ?
When I found it, I found that there was no bone inside. It should be the reason for calling this name.
Why is there no curry chicken? Simply put, I don’t want to eat curry that day, haha.

Don't look at this soup and think it is a heavy taste.
In fact, it is still very refreshing to drink.
Pork also has a taste

Soak in French bread to absorb the soup
Put the crispy skin and the inside with the soup and eat it.
Very rich in taste
Can also be paired with pork and potato carrots

[Vietnamese Pancake]

After being sent, the service staff will come up and help cut it.
After telling how to eat, use the lettuce and the nine-story tower attached to the side.
Eat after dipping sauce, multi-layered taste and richness
The aroma of bringing a little nine-story tower is my favorite

There are also a lot of materials inside, there are meat, shrimp, bean sprouts, etc.
Is also quite balanced nutrition

The feeling of going there is still good. Let’s not say the taste or not.
After all, I have never been to Vietnam, so if it’s just delicious, it’s not good.
It will give me the idea to go, I can try other different dishes.


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