【Food】DaanTaipei,G2 Ramen restaurant-A bowl like three bowls

G2 Ramen-As high as a mountain

At one night
Looking for dinner
Looking at an alley
Have an obvious white chicken standing there
Thinking about the next day, let’s see what it is.

Let’s see what special this chicken has.
There are many people lined up outside
Regardless of day and night

This ramen restaurant
A total of three floors
I saw the introduction of it and I know it.
Only the first floor is the dining area
The second floor is boiled broth
The third floor is the noodle area
 The main part of the whole ramen is made by the store itself.

There are bar seats in the store.
The seats are not a lot of about 10+
The service staff will bring the guests in advance to order the machine.
Will also introduce menus and recommendations
Can adjust the taste of salty and noodle softness
The amount of garlic

Most of them are mostly fine noodles
If you want a lasagna, wait for a long time.

[ G2 is big, from small to big]
Is its slogan

It means that its weight is much larger than the average ramen
Erlang Department - Large-quantity Ramen

This time, the main recommendation is the small G2 soy sauce taste.
The taste is strong
Chicken juice white soup plus porridge bone white soup
This Size is also a moderate amount of food recommended by the staff.
Can eat enough
To tell the truth, it’s really full.

There is a full of garlic on it, if there is someone who doesn't like it, you can tell the clerk.
 3 slices of thick cut pork, different from the thin slices
This is to see personal preferences.
Will be more chewy and meaty

The amount of bean sprouts and cabbage is much more than expected
So there won’t be too few vegetables every time you eat ramen.
The egg yolk is very ok

The weight of the soup will feel a little less when you go to the table.
It’s a pity
Extra 200c.c soup is NTD40

I thought so at the beginning.
But after eating it, I think this soup is moderate.
After all, the taste is heavier, it’s not easy to finish it all.

So there is ice water on the table for you to use.
To slow down the burden in the mouth


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