Food | Gongguan Miaoli,Shangshang restaurant-the first choice of dumplings in the Gongguan

Shangshang restaurant-dumpling,noodles and luwei


Miaoli has a Gongguan
Not the Gongguan in Taipei
Grandpa’s grandmother’s family is here.
It’s not easy for everyone to go out and find a meal every time.

After all, the urban area in this township is not big.
Not every restaurant has been eaten.
I just don’t want to go to those restaurants.
At the end of the day, maybe you can stay at home and eat casually.

I attended the cousin wedding at noon that day.
It’s not particularly hungry at night.
Looking for a little closer and simpler
This becomes the only choice!


You can see the luwei snacks on the cabinet when you come in.
They're pig or cow.


There are also common dried bamboo shoots for Hakka dishes.
When you saw it and order
Pig tail is less than what the restaurant will do.
The taste of the elasticity
Really great.


The price will not be much cheaper than Taipei.
In the country side.


Dumplings are the staple food that comes here.
So I haven’t tasted its noodle food.
Its dumpling stuffing is not a solid type
The filling is light and suitable for sauces.

The taste of luwei is not bad.
Especially the pig skin and pig tail
I give a compliment

Dry noodles are also good to eat
Spicy and sour soup with black pepper like free
People who are afraid of spicy should be cautious
The disadvantage here is that there are no vegetables.


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