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Lioupin gourmet restaurant Main Store

When my family was invited by his colleague to eat the 
 Lioupin gourmet restaurant Main Store(Neihu store)
Come back and tell us that it is delicious.
If you have the opportunity, you can try it.
Just family and friends want to have a meal, then we chose it.
Everyone feels that the Main Store will choose the Main Store first.
Not other store!

The main store is located near Yongkang Street
Slightly biased
But still easy to find it
After checking the Internet, I realized that it has been open for 30 years.
Other branches seem to be the second generation.
The official website also mainly talks about Dunren store and Neihu store.

I can feel a little old in the store.
Regardless of furnishings or tables and chairs

The service staff also asked him when he was serving.
They have some dishes different from the menu of the store.

Will it even have different tastes? ?

There are two kinds of side dishes
Still quite fascinating
not bad
It can also be used with rice.

One of the signs 【Shredded dried tofu and pork】

One of the signs 【Pork ball casserole】
Seasoning is light, soup can be added once more

【Pickle mustard green with Bai-Yei】

【Braised eggplant with soy sauce】

One of the signs [Crispy Duck]
I didn’t have a crispy duck at the beginning.
Point is wine chicken
Later, I found that half of the same table wanted to try
I changed the wine chicken to a crispy duck.

But wait for some time, about 20-30 minutes.
If you want to eat, you should order it first.

There are pepper and fried onions in the duck.
Closer to the inside, it is more salty and salty.
It smells lighter outside

Duck meat won't be too dry
But the appearance is not very crispy?

The family thinks that the Neihu shop he has eaten is delicious.
But I have not eaten it.
No comparison
There is a certain level if you simply eat at the main store.


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