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Kitchen restaurant Hakka cuisine

Front door

There is a space in every family.
Name [Kitchen]
Is a place to make dishes to supplement the energy source for the family.

When there is a restaurant
When named as [kitchen]
Need a lot of courage
Will not marry the signboard of these two words

a restaurant run by two brothers
The brother is in charge of the kitchen, and the younger brother is 
responsible for the field service.
They are all Hakkas,Hakka cuisine is not unexpected.

Chili with meat

[Chili with meat]
Not spicy peppers, don't be scared by peppers
It good with rice!

Hakka Xiaochai

[Hakka Xiaochai]
Different areas of practice are slightly different
Miaoli’s Hakka stir-fry is without adding dried tofu.
It’s important to have the sauce scented out.
Salty and salty

White cut chicken

[White cut chicken]
Tender but not tough
Chicken's original flavor
Oil but not greasy

soy sauce egg

[soy sauce egg]
I still remember that there was a soy sauce egg when I used to eat white porridge.
Very satisfied!

Braised Eggplant

[Braised Eggplant]
Another meal for rice

Swordfish Taro Rice Noodles

[Swordfish Taro Rice Noodles]
This pot is a bit exaggerated, on the one hand, the size exceeds expectations.
On the other hand, I ate a lot of food in front and finally came up.
Eyes are straight
Most of the steamed buns are boiled in the soup.
Very rich taro

Swordfish are not traditional fish pieces, they are added after being cut into small pieces and fried.
Where is the bottom of the flagfish still found?
If there is a point of the swordfish taro rice noodles
The amount of ordering is about to control
Otherwise it will be like us
Finally had to pack! !

Every dish makes me want to eat a lot of bowls of rice.
But also want to restrain
Not because the taste is too heavy
Is the kind of stimulation that is wide open


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