Food|Taipei,Linkou Street-unnamed steamed Taiwanese meatball(Bawan),under the tree with temple

Linkou Street-unnamed steamed Taiwanese meatball(Bawan)

There is a shop in Linkou Street.
Opened a store for many years.
Is a rare Taiwanese meatball(Bawan)in this area.
Always look at it when passing by.
One is that its location is interesting
Under a big tree, next to a temple
This combination is not easy to see in Taipei.
With a kind of crossing back to the countryside
In addition, it is the basement where I was when I was young.
I went to English tuition class there.
It’s a memory! !

It is open in the afternoon to the evening
Some people pass by and stop as an afternoon snack.
Also a choice
I might have wanted to eat it as a dinner before.
But since I understand the importance of eating balance
It’s okay to eat occasionally.
But after all, there are no vegetables.

The menu is simple
There are only 4 kinds of food
Steamed meatballs, oil rice, Sishen soup, fish ball soup
Very consistent with the traditional past store atmosphere

The price is still cheap
Regardless of the size, a Taiwanese meatball(Bawan) round NTD30 
Its Taiwanese meatballs(Bawan) are steamed
Unlike some stores, they are steamed and fried.
So the taste of the skin is not the kind of elastic.

It’s a bit like eating a mahjong skin.
The filling is also relatively simple and not so exaggerated
The sauce is good.

Boys eat a Taiwanese meatball(Bawan)
Should be not enough, you can order two
Or order it's oil rice

Oil rice is not very sticky and chewy
It is softer! The aroma of the ingredients is also fried.
If you pass by here, you may wish to stop.
Simply eat a traditional Taiwanese snack


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