Food|DaanTaipei,Zhe Ning Fangjia Restaurant-General Consumption?

Zhe Ning Fangjia Restaurant

On Xinyi Road in Taipei
Sitting on the 88th (Xinyi) bus
Will see the conspicuous yellow signboard

Watched for so many years
But I didn’t step in it.
This is first time.
This is the fate of this restaurant

The furnishings are very early in Taiwan.
Especially this wood color
Paired with tables and chairs

The day is Tuesday night
I don’t know why people are not that much.
2 to 3 tables

【雞絲豌豆】【Shredded chicken with snow bean】
Chicken is not dry, sweet peas
This price is a bit dumbfounded

【豆苗油燜筍】【Bean leaf oil staffy bamboo】
Personally feel that the oil bamboo taste ordinary

【鲞(ㄒㄧㄤˇ)烤排骨】【Stewed spareribs with preserved fish】
The first time to eat
In fact, it is dried fish to cook pork ribs.
The pork ribs stewed very soft and tender
Easy flesh separation
Salty fish
  It is a dish that is very suitable for rice.

【青衣燒豆腐】【Braised fish with tofu】
I was scared when I was served.
I want to say why the Braised tofu is so big.
Even the person who asked the order has forgotten whether it is the point of braised tofu.
Found that everything is a misunderstanding
This is also a very good dish.
It’s too big to finish

This kind of restaurant
Although these are not so delicate
But on the taste of the dish
Still Ok
Is it a matter of mass consumption?
I think some dishes are expensive.
Suitable for multi-person dinner
Two people have other better choices


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