Food| Taipei,Yongkang Street-Taro King,Mango Taro Snowflake Ice

Taro king-Mango Taro Snowflake Ice

What do you need after eating?
Of course, the right amount of dessert
Just look for it at Yongkang Street.
Taro King?
It’s been known for a long time.
I heard them when I passed by friends.
Taro seems to be good to eat
So quite curious

I wanted to eat last time.
But I was told that the taro was sold out.
Can only give up
Is it so delicious? So long sold out

Because the weather is very comfortable that day
Of course, you have to order ice to eat.

Greed to think about how to eat ice and eat taro
That is the mango taro snowflake ice
In fact, I just want to see the mango and I really want to eat.

Mangoes are delicious as long as they are from Taiwan.
Snowflake ice made by mango is normal
The taro is dense and fragrant

Taro red bean ice
Red beans are distinct
Not cooked to soft

Taro peanut soup
I heard that it is too sweet (friend order)
He wanted to drink water after eating

Personal opinion: Shantou is OK, other ordinary
Would you like to eat? Look at the mood


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