【Life】Experience walking from Taipei Station to Houshanpi MRT Station-Zhongxiao East Road walks nine times

The result of a hot brain after one and half lunchbox

April 29, 2019

At noon, I went to Taipei Station with my family to take the Airport MRT. By the way, I bought a Taiwanese lunch box to eat.
In addition to one of his own conveniences, he helped solve half a lunch without wasting.

At this time, I suddenly remembered a Youtube video that I saw. They really went to Zhongxiao East Road nine times.The initiator is a song that everyone has heard. Zhongxiao East Road goes nine times.At that time, I felt that they were very fierce and admire.

It’s certainly impossible to go to Zhongxiao East Road nine times. I think it’s all sweating.
I just want to know how long it will take from Taipei Station to Houshan MRT Station.
Well, this also completed the section of Zhongxiao East Road and went to the fifth section.

I walked out of Taipei Station and started this journey of experience!

Taipei station

When passing through every MRT station on this road, they took a photo to record.

Taipei Station - Shandao Temple - Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Zhongxiao Fuxing - Zhongxiao Dunhua - Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall - City Hall - Yongchun - Houshanpi

If you are taking the MRT, you can spend NT$25, and you can get from Taipei Station to Houshan in about 14 minutes.

How long is it going? ?

 Shandao Temple
Zhongxiao Xinsheng

Zhongxiao Fuxing
Zhongxiao Dunhua 
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall


At my normal walking speed, the time to wait for the traffic lights on the road is from 14:00 PM to 15:50 PM.It took about 1 hour and 50 minutes! ! Going to the scheduled destination, the journey is about 7 KM.

The weather is not hot and cool, there is a breeze, or a sweat.
The experience is over! ! Will you want to go next time? ? Never ask me

Sometimes a whim, doing something that you wouldn't normally do is quite interesting!


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