Food|Houshanpi Taipei,12Hotpot-brand store with long queues every day

12Hotpot-set meal that is not enough?

As long as you like to eat hot pot or love hot pot
a shop that should all know
It’s also the hotpot store with the highest chain coverage.

Especially in maintaining a certain level
The price is not too high
Of course, it has also risen in price.

For its requirements
That is to believe the source of the brand's services and ingredients.
Do you have to say that there is no other choice?
Nor is it not
It may not be the best
But won't let you down
It is enough

But the team that always sees the long queue at the door.
Is the most troublesome
If you want to eat, you will be extinguished.
Even if you have an app, you can make an appointment and query.

The speed of serving after entering
As fast as ever
I can’t wait to cook as fast.
Can you hurry to eat

The atmosphere inside the store is completely polarized outside the store.
Enjoy the food inside, just ask the people inside to eat faster.
Get out of the way and change me in.

The stone pot is first fried onion with sesame oil and added to the broth.
Will have a more aroma
This time I chose the pig + squid course.
If you love meat,
Can be replaced with more meat

Lemon melon smoothie
Sour and sweet 
Or sugar-free black bean tea
Unexpectedly good to drink

A pot of soup will be placed on the table!
Do not think that it is water to drink

Braised pork rice, I feel too salty.
I regretted that there was no Udon noodles at that moment.

I have a feeling of fullness when I come to eat a set meal.
But now I still feel a little empty when I finish eating it.
Is it that I have eaten more or less? ?

Friends who want to eat 12Hotpot still have to come early
Or use an APP appointment
Otherwise waiting is not worth it.


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