Food in Taipei-Da'an,Spring Vegetarian-Buffet,All you can eat

Spring vegetarian - the site of the elderly

Anyone wants to eat vegetarian food in Taipei now.
Not a too difficult thingIt’s already a lot more friendly than in the past.
Regardless of the restaurant or even the hot pot restaurant.
Have vegetarian options.But like the buffet that Taiwanese like very much, 
they like all you caneat.There are not so many choices for vegetarianism buffet.Spring vegetarianism is one of them.(I usually don't eat vegetarian diet)

Vegetarian food diversity and taste changes.Is the biggest test.
How to make people who usually eat meat do not exclude occasional vegetarian diet.It’s the skill.Because lettuce salad is the simplest and basic.
But eating lettuce salad for a long time will also be greasy.

Cold dish appetizer, simulated seafood and meat.In fact, it’s really vegetarian.
Why do you still need to make food like foraging?Not very understanding.
Since this is not as good as going to those meat products.

Freshly cooked noodles.Help you make it directly after ordering with the chef.

Vegetarian radish cake is not bad.

Hot fried vegetables.Equipped with a variety of vegetarian sauces.
I didn’t expect to make a good taste.It’s a bit like eating amaranth.Illusion!

Why is it that the old man’s territory is that the age here is really too big.
 Even the service staff saw that some of our young people 
were a little surprised and asked how we would come here to eat.

I think it is caused by the dining environment here, not the problem that young people don't like vegetarian food. It is the environment that can't attract young friends. Besides, see so many elders.I don’t think I’m going to come in.

There are some Hong Kong-style dim sums but they feel very ordinary. 
The service staff will also push the cart to the table. 
There are some freshly squeezed juices or steamed bottles. It tastes good.

There are also small clips on the table that are written with a table number. 
You can order the green vegetables and sesame oil noodles to help you get to the position.

Its stinky tofu is good to eat, eat a few pieces! In general, the cuisine here is OK, 
and people like me who must eat meat can accept it.

But the most unacceptable thing about me is that I went to see cockroaches
 where there is a place to crawl in the food location. 
It is very important to make the food and drink clean, 
especially if the food is easy to attract cockroaches and mice. 
This is Big problem! ! ! Even if the meal is delicious, 
let the customer see it and never think about it.


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