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Alai tempura-tempura and Green bean noodles

From Exit 3 of Houshanpi MRT Station
You can see this store in about 5-10 minutes.
a small shop opened here for many years
Meal time is basically full

Front door

At the beginning,My friend lives nearby and introduces me to me.
Lets whyi come here to eat.
After all,tempura
Hard to resist the temptation of it
Although I know that it is very nutritious, it is extremely high in calories

Especially when I was young, after school,
Go to the school gate and buy two Oden.
Very satisfying memories
(In fact, it’s just a mouthful)


In particular, there is tempura and Green bean noodles here.
Eat more satiety
Otherwise boys eat a small bowl
Not always addicted

restaurant environmentrestaurant environment

The seat inside the store is relatively small
Imagine that all seats are full.
Sitting very crowded, not so comfortable
Fortunately, the table rate is relatively high.
Waiting time does not need to be too long

Add soup

After eating tempura, you can add soup here.
Celery next to it
This is the highlight of eating tempura.


Tempura and Green bean noodles
Because it is a relationship with Green bean noodles, there will be less Tempura ingredients.
See personal preference
There will be shacha sauce inside, if you don’t like it,
Can ask the clerk not to add

Sauce will be accompanied by sweet sauce
There are two kinds of chili sauce on the table that can be added by yourself.

The scent of celery is very good.

Sometimes the pig blood cake will be too soft
Lack of a bit of taste
The taste of radish is boiled in
Other ingredients are elastic
Oil tofu has a taste

It is a snack! !
I can't think of what food to eat on my day.
Food that satisfies the appetite


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