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Xianlaoman- handmade dumplings Beijing cuisine

When I don't see the menu and introduction
The first thought for it
Is it a restaurant that sells dumplings? !
In fact, it is a Beijing brand that entered Taiwan from China.

Mainly to make palace cuisine, as well as handmade dumplings
(They have dumplings, no guess wrong!)



Appetizers cabinet, pick up by yourself.
Soy-sauce radish (X), tasteless with raw taste, sauce ratio is not OK


Pumpkin and vegetarian chicken (tofu) taste fine
Just one light and one slightly spicy
It’s a little difficult for pumpkins to be bad.
The taste of vegetarian chicken (tofu)n is heavy
Great contrast

Mixed salad in Chinese style

【Mixed salad in Chinese style】
I was a little surprised when I was serving.
Very large
Full like a hill
The ratio of sweet and sour is just right
Very appetizing salad

Spicy and sour soup

Spicy and sour soup (X) is more like a big halo soup without acid and no spicy
Forgot the name of this dish.
Related to chicken
Just order one with the old full dish.
I didn’t think it was a cold dish before I served it.

Noodles with soybean paste in Beijing style

【Noodles with soybean paste in Beijing style】
Yep! Very general
Sauce is not good enough
No feeling of eating soybean sauce

Pork and sour cabbage dumplings

【Pork and sour cabbage dumplings】

There is the feeling of northern China, where the sour cabbage is put in.
The seasoning inside is enough
I even feel a little salty.
No need soy sauce
I got some vinegar to ease it.

Scallion cake

【Scallion cake】

Every restaurant menu will be inexplicable when i see it.
It is a thick crust with a green onion
But not the taste I like

Not a restaurant that will be specially eaten
It should be a choice when you don’t know what to eat nearby.


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