Food in Taipei,Breeze Xinyi,Paradise Dynasty-colorful eight-color Xiao Long Bao,the world's first

Paradise Dynasty-Eight-color Xiao Long Bao include Original flavor, Ginseng, Foie Gras, Black Truffle, Cheese, Crab Roe, Garlic and Szechuan

eight color xiaolongbao

Before I went to the Paradise Dynasty, I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know what eight-color Xiao Long Bao. After all, one of the most famous foods in Taiwan was Xiao Long Bao. I never imagined a restaurant from Singapore. It will be better than the Taiwanese restaurant, or there will be such a flamboyant eight-color Xiao Long Bao.

When was it the legend of Xiaolongbao? Full of question marks,
Can you be modest?

The overall style of the restaurant is decorated with palace style, gorgeous and exquisite, and the luxury version of Chinese cuisine.
The kitchen is also semi-open, separated by a glass area, and there is no fumes. Most of the Chinese dishes are hot, so the fumes are unavoidable, but I don’t eat the decor and eat the dishes. The Paradise Dynasty dishes contain North China and Southern cuisine, not just a kind of cuisine

Stewed bamboo shoots in oyster sauce

Stewed bamboo shoots in oyster sauce.

The bamboo shoots are tender and oily.Not salty.

Mix jellyfish with celture in scallion oil

Mix jellyfish with celture in scallion oil.The taste is refreshing, the seasoning is moderate, and the taste of crispness and chewy is rich.

Str-fried Kale with ginger juice

Str-fried Kale with ginger juice.

I was a little dumbfound when I saw it.There are really few!


At this time, the focus is on, the eight-color Xiao Long Bao are on the scene, and the eight-color Xiao Long Bao include original flavor, ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, cheese, crab powder, garlic, and szechuan. In addition to the original flavor, there are 7 other flavors. It’s curious. In addition to the small brand introduction order, the table will also give a note indicating the order of consumption.

The basic concept is to go from light to rich, so that you won't eat a rich taste and then you can't taste the light taste. We share it with four people, so not every taste is eaten. The eating method is basically the same as ordinary Xiao Long Bao. It doesn't matter if you don't vinegar. The color of the Xiao Long Bao that you eat does have a little aroma, but it feels easy to get tired. I personally prefer to eat the original Xiao Long Bao.

 Fried rice in Shanghai style

 Fried rice in Shanghai style, this fried rice is good, the sauce is fragrant, each rice has a sauce, the rice is elastic, the grain is distinct, the shrimp is fresh

Steamed sliced fish with pickled chili

Steamed sliced fish with pickled chili, remember to flip when you enjoy it, otherwise the sauce is underneath. It tastes heavy after the eating. It is a bit spicy. People who are afraid of spicy should consider it. The fish fillet is very tender and is suitable for white rice.

Stemed Molten salted yolk custard charcoal bunStemed Molten salted yolk custard charcoal bun

Stemed Molten salted yolk custard charcoal bun, this is a little small and amazing, I don't like this kind of snack very much. The stuffing inside the quicksand bag is unexpectedly delicious. The salty egg yolk aroma and supple taste will make me want to eat another one!


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