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Shanghai Longji vegetable rice

Shanghai Longji vegetable rice
In a small alley near Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Opened in 1953 until the end of 2018
Currently officially closed
The entire building will be rebuilt due to the urban renewal
Will it be impossible to see it reopening in the future?

Maybe it’s going into history.
For the older generation, it also represents a memory of the past.
At noon before going out of business
Arrived at the door of the store
At that time, I felt that there were a lot more people waiting in line than in the past.
But didn't think too much
I only think that it is also a well-known old shop.

But inadvertently
I heard people chatting next to me.
Said that the store will close at the end of 2018.
Hurry up and check the internet
It's really!

I saw many elderly people who were inconvenient to move and also lined up.
The crowd has never broken
Fortunately, I went to the registration line before.

Even if you register, you can’t represent it.
One hour before the end of lunch time
The clerk told many people who wanted to register for the queue.
You can't line up for dinner.

Even after we finally lined up and sat down
There are only small dishes and vegetable rice left.
Other meals have been sold out without food.
Exaggerated enough!

The service staff is busy with everyone's attitude is not very good
The most boring thing is that the last Shanghai squid did not arrive.
Was taken away by others

Although only the side dishes are left
But thinking about this may be the last time I came here to eat.
No matter how much
Otherwise, the row is arranged for one and a half hours.

Of course, you have to order a big bowl!
Still restrained, I didn’t order a bowl.

In fact, it is because the seasoning of the side dishes is relatively heavy.
Very suitable for rice
It’s really salty to eat alone.

I also pay attention to the counter while eating.
There are no other side dishes coming up.
At this time, I was rushing to grab a pig's foot.
Almost was taken away

Although it is a boiled pig's foot
No smell
The skin is very chewy but not tough

When will they return to the public again?
Only the store knows
But we have eaten at least.

Historical address: 100, Lane 101, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City


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