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theDiner-American Restaurant

Front door

I didn’t want to get up in the morning, and I was close to lunch time. Thanks to the person who invented the word brunch, it was a blessing for the majority of the bed.
The restaurant that serves brunch all day is a genius idea. Can you not support it? I know that it is a bit exaggerated. In fact, it is just getting up late and wanting to eat American food. Just the family who loves to eat provides the perfect option, clap your hands to encourage, and those who have ideas and pursuits need to give strong support.

1st floor

The entrance of theDiner Xinyi Store is located on the side of ATT4FUN. It is between the Weixiu Studios and ATT4FUN. It is not accessible from the inside of Mall. The actual dining area is on the second floor. There is only stairs, so if it is not convenient or take a small Baby. If you need to pay attention to safety, you can ask the staff to assist.

2nd floor

The second floor is more like a high-rise compartment. It will feel that the ceiling is a bit low, there is no toilet, you have to go to ATT4FUN, this is not convenient.

restaurant environment

The space is moderate, there are more tables and chairs, and the tables and chairs are close to each other but less crowded.

The variety of meals is very rich, brunch is like sandwiches, mexican shortbread, pancakes, omelette, etc., as well as pasta and rice, salad, but also indispensable American fried, even if vegetarian, don't worry

Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad, Integrated Lettuce, Chicken Diced, Bacon, Tomato, Avocado, Boiled Egg Diced, Cucumber, Blue Cheese, Sauce, and Vinegar Sauce. Salad ingredients are rich and fresh, a big plate, just enough to eat salad is enough.

Grilled cheese French fries

Grilled cheese French fries, and you can see the French fries with the potato. The bacon and the cheese above are more and better.

Chicken burger with pineapple salsa

Chicken burger with pineapple salsa, the pineapple tomato and the sauce, the sweet and sour sweet and sour and the slightly fragrant roast chicken leg, have a layered feeling in the mouth, so there is no greasy feeling, and you can't stop eating!

Every meal has a lot of weight. The boys eat a little bit of it, and the girls can share it. TheDiner is a good choice for those who like American cuisine.


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