Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking- Sergestid shrimps fried rice

Sergestid shrimps fried rice


Sergestid Shrimp: Three Tablespoons

Egg :two

Carrot diced: Two tablespoons

Chopped scallion:Three tablespoons

Kentucky wonder Pole Beans :Three spoons (green vegetables, can be replaced with other)

Rice:Two bowls

Salt :Moderate amount

Black pepper:Moderate amount

Olive oil:Moderate amount

(Onion  can be added or not)


  • Handle all the ingredients first
  • After pouring the oil into the pan, the scallion is put in to stir the scent and make the scallion oil.
  • Fried in the cherry shrimp
  • Put carrots
  • Put in Kentucky wonder Pole Beans 
  • After the front is fried, first pour out the food and put it aside.
  • Pour the egg into the pot, with the rice
  • Finally, pour the fried ingredients into the stir fry
  • Salt and black pepper
  • End the pot
  • A simple and convenient fried rice is finished, clapping

I was afraid of failure, so I used a non-stick pan to fry rice. I don’t dare to try it easily with the general steel pan to fry rice. On the one hand, the oil used does not need too much, the fire does not need too much, and by the way pretend to be a healthy diet. After all, fried rice is a type that is very oily and has a high calorie.


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