Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Sesame oil chicken soup Family Edition

Sesame oil chicken soup Family Edition-silky chicken


Silky chicken: 1/4

Ginger: 20 tablets (see personal preference and weather)

Rice wine: 1 bottle and a half

Sesame oil: three tablespoons



Flammulina: a pack

(Recommendation: Individuals don't like to add water, so the whole pot uses rice wine, but if you use high concentration rice wine, it is not recommended. It is really too heavy,need to add water. The vegetables are personal, our family likes to add cabbage. increase the natural sweetness of the soup)


1. Pour sesame oil first, add ginger, the temperature is not too high, slowly fried ginger, ginger looks discolored, browned and yellowed

2. Pour the silky chicken after dicing, you can either burn it first or not, but the chicken should be fried, close to the full-cooked state, and the chicken skin oil is also out.

3. Pour the rice wine, be careful when pouring it, pour the edge into it, don't get too close to the pot, the wine will rush up in a moment, you can also pour the wine after pouring it, but because I like to cook the whole wine sesame oil Chicken.

4. Give it some time to cook. Generally, I will cook for at least 1 hour. I don't have to worry about alcohol or sesame oil. I can add it to the end. It is so evil. Vegetables should be placed before the pot.

Eat sesame oil chicken or match the climate or pay attention to the physical condition, if it is too hot, it is not suitable for eating. When the weather is hot, most of the ingredients inside are relatively hot, but the more you eat, the more you get angry. Although it smells very fragrant, cooking is very simple, but it is still to be evaluated.

Most families in Taiwan will cook this simple dish, and the taste will naturally be a little different. This is the home version that I cook myself. And there is no salt at all.


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