Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Tuna kimchi pancake

Tuna kimchi pancake-Easy


Medium-gluten flour, corn starch, scallion, kimchi, canned tuna, eggs, black pepper, salt

The amount of serving is based on personal feelings. If you like kimchi more, put a little more. If you like tuna, put a little more, and because everyone's preferences are different, the taste is different.
(can not use corn starch)


  1. The medium-gluten flour and the corn starch are added with water to adjust the consistency. The amount of corn starch is about 20% of the medium-gluten flour. The slurry should not be too thin. The water should not be poured too fast at the beginning, slowly add, and let the powder dissolve completely.
  2. Pour eggs, kimchi, shallots and canned tuna after seasoning.
  3. It’s just fried in the pan.
  4. Pancakes should be patient, don't need to turn over too often, wait until one side has been formed with gold and then turned over.
  5. It's easy and simple to complete.


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