Food in Taipei,Houshanpi,Rododo hotpot-the main cost–performance ratio meat store

Rododo Hotpot The first brand-big mouthfuls of meat and small stuttering vegetables

Rododo Hotpot is rumored for a long time. Every time I see a friend's post on Facebook, I want to say whether it is so exaggerated. The meat is eaten and exploded. So in 2018, it opened opposite the Exit 2 of Houshanpi MRT Station. I have to try it! !

I have said that it is aggrieved, it is such aggrieved, hahaha.

beveragerestaurant environment

The store's space is on the first floor and basement, and the variety of drinks available on the upper floor is Meiji Ice Cream. The downstairs is a bit thin, and of course it is related to the size of the space plan.


There are two kinds of drinks downstairs, so you need to go to the first floor if you need other drinks. It is not so convenient, especially if you are going to have a cup of cola or sprite, please go upstairs!



Upstairs is the Meiji ice cream in Japan, and downstairs is the Thai mingguo ice cream. It can only be said that they have at least one word that is the same,the taste is different, or the Meiji delicious.


One side is the original taste, the other side forgets that it is a special choice of spicy or the signature Chuanfu spicy, but the impression is partial hemp, not particularly spicy, is the spicy degree I can accept. You can add duck blood and tofu once.


Pork and duck meat, duck meat is a rare meat in hotpot.

The design of the spicy pot is good. There is a container for cooking spices that can be separated from the food in the pot, so that the spices will not be harvested when the ingredients are cooked.

This is the meat of the friends at the next table. Everyone comes up and you are boiling. Yes, it is so exaggerated, too big, can you really finish it? I won't eat it, I don't want to vomit for a month, but their fighting power is amazing and they are finally eliminated by them. They even add some extra meat and admire their stomach.

Feeling: The meat is not bad, the meat is much more, the soup tastes but it is not very special, but in addition to the meat, there is no memory, there is no feeling that I really want to go back to eat, of course not because  afraid of eating meat.


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