Hey,how are you doing today?Reflection on the popular words of online stars

Occasionally heard words? Sincerity or hypocrisy

Le Ke TaiTai, who is blushing on the Internet from 2018 to 2019, will have a greeting and a question at the beginning of every YouTube video.【Hey, how are you doing today? 】, basically has become her signature language, as long as I think of Le Ke TaiTai, I will think of such a sentence, for the science of Mrs. This is very good, with recognition, with simple words linked together to form Personal characteristics and publicity effects.

It’s just a simple and ordinary sentence that everyone must have heard and said. Instead, because of this famous name, it is only back to everyone’s sight, technology indifference? There is no more interaction between people and people. After meeting, they are doing things on the mobile phone, which makes it possible even if you hear 【Hey, how are you doing today? 】 It’s also like not being heard, or the person who said it is so casual, does not want to understand or express the true meaning of this sentence, just as a polite and not awkward opening phrase?

How are you? Are you full? They have all fallen into the same situation, and they have become a slogan. If you don’t know what to say, what should you do when the other person really needs these cares? Maybe when you don't care to say this, the other party doesn't know whether to answer it seriously or just let it pass, but at that time he happened to have an unpleasant thing. When he was looking for someone to express his emotions, he wouldn’t Very at a loss.

Every sentence has the meaning and function of every sentence. Too much use and lose its own meaning is quite rude. Especially now, the relationship between people is weak, and everyone can feel the temperature less and less. When you are with friends or family, it is a tragic thing to have a language of sincere concern and care.

No one knows if it is because of such a simple and ordinary sentence, let the other side relieve the pressure and unpleasantness, and do not know if that time is the time, so think that when you want to say [hey, how are you doing today? At the same time, I should have to hold it. I really want to care about you before I ask this question. I don’t have to worry about the other party.

But the person being asked should also be able to accept the greetings of others, not worry about whether they can be accepted by friends. Since it is a friend, why worry about these things, right? Nowadays, the trust between people is actually very low. It is very sad to be prepared to guard against it.

Otherwise, there are many other words that can be used, and you don't have to choose this sentence, right? This society really needs a little more sincerity and less routine. It is not easy to communicate between people. Why is it so polite and hypocritical, more sincere and caring, the world will become even better!


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