Hsinchu tourist attraction | Nanliao fishing port armor block looks like a fish scale

Shape transformation of the armor block-Watching the sea walking on the beach

I don't know much about Hsinchu. The scenic spots are blank except for the Chenghuang Temple and the Hsinchu Rice noodles and Hsinchu pork ball.
 It feels a bit too bad~~
But it is really like this. So this time on the way to the south to go back to Taipei,
 is there anything that can be taken by the way,
 because the time is a bit nervous, there is no way to stay too long and go to too many attractions. Just like this, the family posted an article in the Line app,
 which looks like [fish scale ladder]

After navigating to the other side, I found that it was not so smooth. 
I felt that I should not be too far from the expressway. 
I didn’t look at the road map carefully and went directly to the target. 
After the highway came down, 
it took about 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Because it is a relationship on weekdays, there are not many people, 
and I can't find a place at the same time. I am a little lost.
 I don't have to worry about parking problems here. 
There is a parking lot, unless the weekend is crowded.

On the way to the fish scales ladder, there is a large piece of grass.
 When the weather is good, 
it is very suitable for bringing family and children to picnic and fly kites.
Remember not to destroy it!

When arriving, the sea should be high tide, and it will hit the shore more violently,
 but finally saw the [fish scale ladder] to tell the truth, 
here is about 10 minutes to take a photo, it is almost the same,
 otherwise you want to sit on the shore Look at the sea blowing hair.

The best time to come is when the weather is fine,
 it will be a little more beautiful, you can also go down the beach.

Traditionally, the armor blocks seen on the coast are triangular in shape,
 but it is quite an idea to change the shape to achieve the original effect,
 and the beauty can attract people to visit here.

Helping Hsinchu has added another punching spot. Good! !

Other Hsinchu attractions, see you next time~~


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