Food in Taichung,FengJia fried pancake-traditional breakfast,homemade minced pork sauce and scallion chili sauce

FengJia fried pancake with egg-Traditional techniques

This time I went to Taichung and passed by one night to return to Taipei.
 I lived next to Fengjia Night Market, but I didn’t go there. I only went to the convenience store and thought it was funny.

So after getting up early the next morning, 
I thought that there would be a lot of breakfast to eat near Fengjia University. 
Open Google Maps and see what special breakfast options are. 
If it’s just like a regular breakfast shop, it is boring. 

I saw that Fengjia fried cakes, it feels very special,
 and it is relatively rare,Taiwanese fried pancake is yours.

It was raining in the morning. There were not many pedestrians on the road. 
I walked to the vicinity according to the Google Maps route. 
It was almost in front of me. I didn’t find the location of the store.
 I found it carefully. Because the store didn’t have a sign,
 It wrote the fried pancake. Strips and small blackboards,
 it is easy to miss without paying attention.

The items sold are simple and easy to understand, 
such egg pancake, fried pancake, and rice. But for what tastes you want to try,
 still lament that your stomach is too small.

The pancake is made by the store itself. 
The powder is prepared and then fried until it is formed.
 After ordering, it is finished with other ingredients. 
The minced pork sauce and the scallion chili sauce is spent more time.

There are not many seats in the store, only about 10 people, 
so come early or take it out.

Fried pancakes with half-boiled eggs

Fried pancakes with half-boiled eggs, fried pancakes, 
cut into strips, topped with the store's homemade minced pork sauce,
 so that the pancake can be absorbed into the sauce, 
and finally add the scallion chili sauce. 
People who are afraid of spicy should be careful, can't add too much, 
it will be spicy, but the taste is very fragrant, 
the scallion chili sauce is also.
The taste of the first bite is very special, 
it is a bit like eating Flat noodles!
very funny.

Fried pancakes with half-boiled eggs

This portion size is really cost-effective.

Scallion minced pork big pancake with egg

Scallion minced pork big pancake with egg, cheese, 
double Scallion, double pancake, I saw that it was too big at first sight, 
and thick, eat two pieces will be full.

People with small food intake really recommend a regular egg cake,
 although this is very enjoyable.

Fried pancakes and quiche are good to eat,
 meat and dried onion sauce are relatively heavy taste, 
you can try it after passing nearby.

Unfortunately, this store is not in Taipei, or you can go to eat often!


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