Food in Taipei,Songshan District,Seahood Grilled Fish-Chongqing spicy grilled fish and beer perfect match

Seahood grilled fish Taipei arena store-Chongqing tofu grilled fish

When I was in Hangzhou, Shanghai, I used to eat grilled fish.
 Many people like to eat it late at night. By the way, with beer,
 the taste is too enjoyable. Later, I found a place 
where I could eat grilled fish in Taipei. I found that 
there are so many restaurants to choose from. 
This time I found a shop specializing in grilled fish in Taipei.
 Of course I have to taste the taste. The Seahood fish is my target restaurant.

Front doorFront door

Grilled fish is a dish that came out of Chongqing and spread to other places. 
Since it is Chongqing, it is imaginable that it is a delicious and spicy dish.

Of course, in order not to eat spicy friends, there are also non-spicy versions,
 but I think that eating grilled fish should be at least slightly spicy,
 and then paired with a beer to be cool.

When I arrived at the entrance of the restaurant,
 I felt that I would not be so exaggerated. 
People who didn’t know thought it was a nightclub. 
The lights are gorgeous and colorful.



The modern fashion created by the environment, the attractive eye, 
from the outside, will involuntarily look at it, 
want to know what the store is doing?


Arrived around 6 o'clock in the evening, 
there are already many people waiting in line at the door. 
I didn't expect to be so popular. I had a reservation in advance, 
but the clerk suggested that everyone should go in and get together.
 They have a 90-minute meal time limit. After the meal starts to calculate,
 but after the order is completed, 
it takes about 10~15 minutes to wait until the friend can 
arrive as soon as possible, otherwise it can only wait.




In addition to grilled fish, there are also pots, but this time there is no food, 
the target is placed in the grilled fish, if you do not know how to point, 
you can also ask the clerk, please recommend them, 
we point to the signature mother hot and sour bean grilled fish, 
Combined with gold (Chinese cabbage, bean husk, broccoli, 
Sichuan elastic tooth noodles).

Grilled fish is basically a two-person up.
 If more than two people add extra NTD$10 cleaning fee/person, 
I think 3 people eat a grilled fish and the side dish is just right,
 no need to order two portions. fish.

Sauce 、tea

The self-service area provides wheat tea and sauces. 
We eat small spicy grilled fish without any use of sauces. Look at personal preferences.


Free snacks, no oil consumption. When I think about taking pictures,
 I have a little bit left.

papayavegetable soup

Passionate papaya, just look at the menu will feel green papaya,
 actually using  papaya and passionate jam.Still quite good!

There will be a pot of vegetable soup on the table, 
but it is not for you to drink directly. It is added when you eat grilled fish.
 On the one hand, it can prevent baking, and on the other hand, 
it can be cooked as a hot pot.

When I saw the super-exciting food, the roast fish that 
my dreams wanted to eat,
 I finally had to eat it. The other ingredients were put directly into
 the stew to absorb the taste inside.

The more cooked, the more spicy it is. 
The cabbage and other ingredients below are 
more enjoyable to absorb the soup.

Into the eye is a big fish, the store introduction is about 1.5 KG,
 the fish is fresh and tender, there is no smell, 
although the taste of the sauce is heavy,
 but it does not affect the taste of the fish.


The little spicy is just right for me. I can't stand it in the spicy. 
Fortunately, I have a beer.

The food is clean and the face is put in to absorb the soup, 
which is the perfect ending.
There are special offers at noon and stay up late, 
and the night is very attractive magic. Does anyone go to eat late at night! !

●水貨 烤魚火鍋(台北-小巨蛋夢幻店):台北市松山區南京東路四段45號
●電話訂位:02-2546 6767


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