Food in Taipei,Da'an District,FIFI ChangYu Hall-Fashion Sichuan and shanghai Cuisine

FIFI Chang Yu Hall-Taiwanese famous fashion designer Miss.Isabelle Wen

Isabelle Wen, a well-known Taiwanese fashion designer,
 has been a famous designer in Taiwan for some time.But now,
 I don't know if the young people have heard of this.
 At least I have a little understanding. After all, it is not related to fashion. 
It is not too research. I didn’t realize it when I made a reservation.
 It was originally related to Isabelle Wen’s designer.

1st Floor-----
FIFI's Museum--In-store sales of clothing and accessories designed by
 well-known domestic fashion designer Miss Wen Qingzhu,
 all fashion items can be purchased here

2nd floor--Changyu Hall
Fashion Chuanhu Cuisine "Changyu Hall"--Into the store, you can feel deeply,
 with a strong retro and elegant Chinese atmosphere,
 the reception area is reflected in a black-and-white peony painting,
 is Miss Wen Qingzhu, Chang Yu Inspired by 
paintings and paints and cement paints, 
it is a piece of the most artistic indoor landscape.
 It will be filled with Chinese oriental warm and 
long-lasting tea drinking habits and Chinese dishes,
brought to the modern with fashionable new style dining taste. 
In the life of man

3rd floor - ISA House Isa Loft
ISA House is a chic new meeting venue for discerning guests
 to enjoy drinks and dinner in a warm and refined environment.
 Fashion designer Isabelle Wen envisions that this new lounge
 seems to be a smaller version of her personal home.
 President Wen said: "I want to create a modern and warm environment that
 feels like a friend's private home, a very fashionable friend."

Reference materials:FIFI茶酒沙龍

This time, I will try the Sichuan and Shanghai cuisines in the Changyu Hall
 on the second floor. Although I will be very happy to see the escalators, 
it is not so convenient for people with mobility problems or the elderly. 
There are no stairs or elevators on the second floor.
 The escalator is a disadvantage.

Inside environment

The decor of the restaurant is very styled.
 The first feeling of entering the restaurant is not like a restaurant.
 It is more like a clubhouse and a place for a drink.

Inside environment

Inside environment

The interior is gorgeous, the seats are suitable for different numbers of people,
 with sofa seats and general tables and chairs.
 The lighting in the restaurant is not so bright.

Inside environment

It is not clear that there are not many customers here on weekdays.
It is only on the day we eat, there are really few table guests, 
and there are many question marks.

The unit price here is not cheap.

mapo tofu

Garlic bacon, dried green beans, Mapo tofu, Shanghai cuisine,
 all the dishes are very delicious, heavy taste, 
even if it feels less. Every dish is fine, but not at all delicious.

Thinking of its unit price and weight, here is the environment.
There is no idea of wanting to eat, the environment is very good,
 but whether the dish can attract you to go back is the key point.


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