Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Miss Qin Traditional Soybean milk-Jiangsu and Zhejiang meatball

Miss Qin traditional soybean milk-Clay oven rolls,Fried bread stick

Ms. Qin’s traditional soybean milk shop has a total of two stores,
 one in Ford Street and the other in Yanji Street.Why is it Miss Qin?
 Because the owner called Qin Feifei, Taiwan's well-known entertainers
 in the 1960s, but not my age, so I did not understand her type 
of performance at the time. If it is not occasional to go to breakfast,
 I don’t know that she used to be a star! 
Even if she doesn't necessarily be in the store every day, 
she can often see her cooking.

Salty soymilk

Most of the things I will eat when I have breakfast, 
the Clay oven rolls and Fried bread stick, 
this traditional taste is really good, must be accompanied by soybean milk, 
it will not be too dry.

Salty soybean milk is one of my favorite points, with a quiche or radish cake,
 it is perfect. This breakfast is very satisfying!

radish cake

Even if you don’t order salty soybean milk,
 it’s good to order ordinary soybean milk. 
Their soybean milk is freshly grounded on the same day.
It is very rich in drinking, and there is no burnt smell.
 It can be very pure soybean milk.

The quiche is also made by themselves, 
unlike some breakfast shops that are bought outside.
Very sincere.

Its cold noodles are also my favorite. The noodles are elastic, 
not soft and not hard, and rich in aroma of sesame sauce, 
especially in the summer when I eat a bowl of cold noodles, 
with a cup of iced soybean milk, too comfortable.

Others are xiaolongbao ( Small Steamed bun), 
and a leek box can be tried.
In addition, they will sell the meatball of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
 Many people come here not to come to eat breakfast, 
but to buy meatball. The meatball is fried and has a size.
 It’s not bad that my family bought it a few times.
There are not many seats in the store, most of them come out.


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