Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Roubo turkey rice-CNN recommended Tainan cuisine to open in Taipei

CNN recommends Tainan cuisine-Tainan Roubo Turkey Rice Xinyi Store in Taipei

Turkey rice

Normally, everyone heard turkey rice. 
The first city that I would think of was Chiayi. 
Although Tainan was a city with many foods,
 I didn't expect such a turkey rice to be so famous. 
It was recommended by CNN.

Front door

It came to Taipei to open a store. 
After many times, I didn’t step in and try. 
I admit that when I looked at the signboard, 
I didn’t notice the words of Tainan. I only noticed the turkey rice.
 In fact, the most concerned thing is Three words of turkey rice.


Originally, there were not so many turkey rice in Taipei. 
When I saw it, it was very eye-catching. 
Even it was CNN's recommendation that Tainan cuisine didn't know, 
didn't care, just thinking about when to go in and try the taste.

Inside environmentMenu

The design of the store is simple and novel, 
and it is clean and tidy than the general snack environment. 
The open kitchen can see the food made on site.


There is a small side dish at the side of the counter. 
The variety is quite rich. You can choose your favorite food.
 You can choose the desired meal and pay in the past counter. 
There is no service in the store. You have to bring the meal to your seat. .
 It is also necessary to recycle the tableware after eating.

appetizersTurkey rice

Haslet soup

The haslet soup , for friends who like to eat the internal organs, 
should be very interested, listen to the clerk said that it is a limited amount, 
not every time, but after drinking, I feel ordinary, the ingredients are fresh, 
there will be no smell, It’s just that the soup is dull.

Turkey rice

The key point is, turkey rice, the man suggested to order a large bowl, 
the size of the small bowl is really a little less, will not eat enough.

The aroma and taste are relatively light, the greasy feeling is not too heavy, 
compared to the Chiayi turkey rice, slightly ordinary. 
A few days before I went to the turkey rice, 
I went to Chiayi to eat turkey rice. Compared to the Chiayi turkey rice,
 the price is also very different. The price of the shop in Taipei will be compared. 
High is right, basically you can eat two bowls of Chiayi turkey rice at a small bowl price.

But regardless of the price factor,
 it will not let me have the idea that I really want to eat,
 not so attractive, it is a pity. 
Maybe there is a chance to go to Tainan to try it out,
 but I really went to Tainan several times,
 and I didn’t hear a friend say that the turkey rice.


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