Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,uMEAL Low GI Diet-First Experience of carbohydrate Reduction

uMEAL-Healthy Diet

In recent years, the emergence of various health concepts, 
people who want to maintain their posture have also become more and more, 
and while paying attention to dietary intake, 
how to not affect the taste is everyone's attention.


"Making a healthy life simple" is uMEAL's vision and original intention. We have professional nutritionists to control sugar, the chief distributor to cook in person, and the intimate logistics staff to deliver the home. It is not only a sugar-reducing diet (low-sugar diet), but also a healthy eating habit. On the ingredients, uMEAL Premium Foods carefully selects the season's fresh and non-toxic ingredients to give you the most healthy and healthy meal. Let you look forward to the meal from the helpless meal to the meal, and produce a perfect sugar spectrum curve, becoming a healthy hacker in the eyes of friends.

Source: umeal優膳糧

Located in Wuxing Street, there are many restaurant shops nearby,
 which is a complex area of residential school offices.But during the meal time, 
you can see many customers come here to eat, or take it out.
There is a take-away lunch here, there are not many seats in the inner area, 
and the take-out can save a lot of waiting time.

The side dishes of each set are the same, 
and the changes in the ingredients of the day, 
in addition to frying, are the recent popular Sous vide, low-temperature cooking,
 through the precise control of time and temperature, 
the Sous vide can be cooked in the food. At the same time,
 it reduces the volume loss caused by overcooking and retains the most nutrients and natural flavor. In addition to being used in meat dishes, it is also good for cooking vegetables and desserts.

The chicken is treated with a Sous vide method, 
and the taste is still a little dry, and their seasoning is really very light and very light, 
like eating chicken flesh without seasoning. Feel ordinary, won’t order it again.

The taste of salad and muesli  is not bad, the fruits and vegetables are fresh.
 There is a clear difference from the usual diet. When you first start eating,
 you will be a little uncomfortable. There is not too much cooking and seasoning.
 Even if you know that it is good for your health, it will be a little weird. 
Need a long habit,But for people who need to control carbohydrate reduction, 
it is a convenient choice.

However, their overall service needs to be strengthened, 
and the speed of serving is rather slow, especially when they are 
doing take-away and delivery, and the quality of the meal is very important.


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