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Wu Paochun Xinyi Flagship Store-Champion bread

Wu Paochun store originally opened in the downstairs of Eslite in Songshan Wenchuang Park for many years. Later, it was moved to Xiangshan MRT Station. The overall space is larger than in the past, and the space is bright. The most important thing is There is an indoor dining area.

LOGOFront door

Exit 2 of Xiangshan MRT Station, take about 2-3 minutes to get there, or you can go to the Xiangshan Observation Deck to see the scenery of Taipei 101, and then buy bread.The design of the Wuyichun Maifangdian Xinyi flagship store is different from the past. It is not just for consumers to leave the bread, but an internal area. The area of the internal area is larger than the area where the bread is sold. a lot of.When you enter the gate, you will go to the two sides. On the left hand side, you will go to the bread area. You can buy it directly and leave, while the right hand side is the inward use area. Once you enter, you can see the simple design and decoration. The modern is simple and bright, especially when there is the sun. Will shine into the store.I feel that the variety of bread sold here is not as much as it used to be. Of course, the basic signature bread must still be there, and it is slightly dull in terms of richness. There are also some hand-selling gifts alongside.

Every time the fresh bread is baked, the bread aroma is really fragrant.

When ordering, you need to go to the counter. The clerk will send the meal to the location. Other tableware and drinking water will be used by yourself.

There is also an area where recycled tableware is recycled.

The most eye-catching inside the store, watching the cheese melt and then flow down to the bread, very evil, I like it.

ChampionSET NT$360
Wine longan, lychee rose, plum tea, spring salt Brio,
French ECHIRE cream, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil,
LA SECCHIA Bassamic vinegar.

Croque Monsieur NT$280
French toast, MOZZARELLA cheese, letter ham,
Hydroponic lettuce, pine nuts, Italian vinegar sauce,
Special mango yellow mustard sauce.

French Toast NT$220
French toast, honey, homemade pineapple jam,
MASCARPONE cheese filling, mint leaves.

The price of the meal is a bit expensive, especially the amount is actually small. Drinking a drink and sitting and chatting can not order a meal. It is not worth it. It is better to buy the bread and go back to eat.


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