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Starbucks Chiayi Minxiong-Stop for a cup of coffee

On the way to Chiayi City, just passed a Starbucks, 
and now I only want to drink a cup of coffee. After all, 
I drive a car for 4 hours and want to raise my spirit.
 At that time, I did not expect this one to be one of the most 
beautiful Starbucks in Taiwan!

However, because I was hungry, there were other things to do and
 I went straight. After I was finished with the business,
 I took a look at it when I used the navigation to go to Taichung.
 It seemed to be the famous Starbucks Minxiong.

I don’t want to go to it, I’m sorry, I’m going to take a photo and go,
 otherwise I don’t know when I will come next time.
 Unfortunately, the weather is bad and it’s raining.

I also thought about whether I bought it on Drive Thru.
 I didn’t have a place to stop at the beginning.
 I went to the back of the Starbucks store and saw a big parking lot. 
Then I had no problem. I got off the camera and made a commemoration.

The general Starbucks Gate City is very similar in Taipei. 
This architectural style is impossible to see.
 Finally, it is not a constant Starbucks!

However, there is no special edition of drinks here,
 which is the same as other Starbucks stores.
 It feels different when you come in. It is only a psychological effect. 
The staff is very kind and the service is very good. 
It feels less impetuous.

The interior space is also quite large, with different types of tables and chairs,
 and sofa chairs by the window. When the weather is good,
 the sun shines in. I feel comfortable when I think about it,
 but people are a bit noisy.

And the location of the store is not very close to the city,
 the vicinity is quite empty, 
but still a lot of guests come to this most beautiful Starbucks.

Have the opportunity to check in! !


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