Food in Taichung,Xitun District,Mr.Steak Zhongqing Store


I haven't been to the Taiwanese steakhouse for many years. The early desktop cheap steakhouses that are everywhere are now much less, some are American restaurants, or some expensive restaurants. This time I went to Taichung and listened to my friend to introduce Mr.steak!

Although they are chain stores, most of them are mainly in the south-central. After seeing the in-store space,After thinking about it, if it is to have a similar scale, it is estimated that the rent of the optical shop in the north will be a lot of money.



Just look at the price, not the kind of cheap steak, 
even if it has a meal, soup drinks and fruit to eat casually, 
it means they are very confident about their meat quality.

French friesSoup

For those of us who love to eat French fries, their fries are delicious and they have eaten two. The clerk also drew a very exaggerated figure with ketchup.



The charcoal-baked French lamb is soft and tender, 
has no heavy sheep smell, and has a good maturity. 
It should be acceptable to those who are afraid of eating lamb.

The maturity of the beef is well controlled, 
the aroma of the beef is distributed in the mouth, 
and the person who eats is quite satisfied.

After-dinner dessert, the clerk service attitude here is very good, 
any problem will be solved as soon as possible. 
The main thing here is to eat meat. 
Other buffet meals are not the most important. 
The atmosphere and environment in this place are ok, 
and many of them are eaten by the whole family.


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