Taichung Travel,CHASE Walker Hotel-Near Fengjia Night Market,novelty and fun

 CHASE Walker Hotel - self-service hotel, robot delivery

There was a time on the internet, and I often saw this hotel in the introduction.
 Why? And where is it attractive? It is a completely unmanned hotel,
 all self-service, as well as robotic arm,
 temporary luggage and robot delivery service.

These are still rare to see at the moment, so they are very novel,
 interesting, and people want to experience it.

It is 5 minutes walk from Fengjia Night Market.
 It is very convenient to visit the night market,
 but it is very late when it arrives, it is just a simple accommodation.

It is also because of self-help, so it saves personnel costs
 and the price is a lot more cost-effective. 
In Fengjia Night Market, there are two people, about NTD$1,200.
 It is also a weekday or a holiday, but it is not the price.

After booking online, go to the self-service machine to fill 
in the information and scan the ID card, you will get two room cards.
 It is also operated on this machine when checking out!

The robotic arm storage baggage service has a bag size limit 
and it will have a tray placed in the cabinet by the robot arm.

There are a total of 5 floors. The elevator is swiping in and out.
 The safety is no problem, but there is only one elevator. 
The waiting time is too long and the running speed is very slow.


The size of the two-person room is still quite large,
 even if there are no problems with the suitcase,
 the bathroom is only raining and there is no bathtub.
 When it is with the toilet, the sink is placed outside.
Basic supplies are available, such as toothbrush, 
toothpaste, hair dryer, and toiletries.

The mattress was soft and hard, but I didn't know 
why I didn't sleep well that day.
 The rooms are also decorated in a simple,
 industrial style with a clean environment.


This is a robot, which is specially used as a food delivery service.
 There are restrictions on ordering meals and meal delivery times.
 It is a pity that there is no chance to try it on that day. 
But seeing it will go in and out of the elevator, cool!


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