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CAPATINA Italian handmade ice cream

Walking in the breeze Nanshan, suddenly the family next to me stopped, 
stopped and didn't know what to look at, it was trying to eat ice cream.

I don’t want to call me a good thing, they just enjoy it alone.

When I stepped forward and wanted to ask for a chance to try, 
they bought a ball of ice cream directly. It was a big loss.



There are about 20 flavors, all made with fresh fruit and fresh milk.
 The milk is very rich and does not affect the aroma of the fruit.

Menu price

Therefore, the unit price is relatively high, 
and the ball is a small cup than the imagination.


Wandan No. 9 red bean taste, this paper cup size,
 do not say that it is a try to eat a cup, 
but eat it will smell thick milk and red bean fragrant,
 with a little red bean taste, smooth and smooth. 
It's not bad to eat, the price is slightly higher, 
it can't be eaten very often, it will go bankrupt.


Later, I learned that this family was only opened in Taiwan for 30 years. 
It was introduced from Japan, emphasizing hand-made,
 Italian-style hand-made ice cream that conforms to the concept of health,
 and also with Taiwan's rich quality fruit to increase the 
taste of different ice cream. Can try!

地址:台北市信義區松廉路3號 B1



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