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L.A PHO American Vietnamese Restaurant

Front door

[PHO] means Vietnamese rice noodles, 
Los Angeles is a gathering city of multi-cultural people. Naturally, 
there is a rich presence and integration of international cuisine. 
LA PHO is a restaurant developed from Los Angeles. 
Is the taste still delicious? 

After all, the dietary taste of each country is still somewhat different. 
In order to adapt to the localization, there will be changes in taste,
 but the feeling of good taste will not change anywhere.

front door

Just looking at the restaurant entrance is very different 
from other Vietnamese restaurants that are seen in Taiwan. 
The style of the store is not as simple and 
simple as a traditional Vietnamese restaurant.

Art wall

This wall at the door is very suitable for taking a picture here.


The most obvious thing is that the whole shelf is chili sauce, 
which is well known in the United States. 
I have misunderstood it for a while before it was a Vietnamese chili sauce!

It is Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, 
which is an indispensable seasoning for most Chinese restaurants 
or families in the United States. 
Starting from the Hua Tuo Chinese Supermarket in Los Angeles,
 to the Vietnamese powder shops and restaurants,
 families, and by customers, they have become the hot-selling sauces 
on the shelves of the US Huayang supermarkets all the year round,
 with Mexican chili sauce, Louisiana. Chili sauce is a 
three-legged American chili sauce industry. 
"Besides being fresh, we have no secrets,
" said founder Chen De. From the first day of the official launch,
 it was the Sriracha chili sauce without any moisture, 
100% solid, from pepper picking to processing,
 Chen De asked Employees must not be more than two hours old,
 because the peppers are processed until the next day, 
and the taste is different.

From local Vietnamese restaurants to Japanese sushi restaurants 
and Korean rotisserie, even the American Broadcasting Corporation staff
 traveled around the world to take pictures of Survivor, 
and the accompanying sauces carried by the luggage were all traced.

Chen De said that the lovers of chili sauce have passed on the word, 
and their red cocks were marked in 2003 with 
the American Chinese spaceman Lu Jie on the International Space Station. 
Chen De and his family were particularly proud 
to see their products swimming in space. 
(The above sources: Chinese Internet Today, Chen De, homemade red cock,
 "is a slap in the chili sauce" reporter Cheng Guoer) )



The combination of American and Vietnamese environment,
 the wall is hung, the others are modern and bright, 
and there is a small bar.


There are a variety of sauces on the table, 
including homemade fried chili sauce, fish sauce, 
seasoning powder, seafood sauce, 
and American Vietnamese chili sauce with the whole restaurant.
 Friends who like to eat spicy, try it.

The bean sprouts, the nine-story pagoda,   and the lemon

The bean sprouts, the nine-story pagoda, 
and the lemon that are attached to the Vietnamese PHO
are certainly not missing here, and there are fresh peppers, 
which are used here.
 The bean sprouts are placed in ice water and the taste is very crisp.

Vietnamese fresh shrimp chicken spring rolls

Vietnamese fresh shrimp chicken spring rolls, light and refreshing taste,
with peanut butter, does not appear heavy.

Vietnamese fresh shrimp chicken spring rolls

It has a crisp and flexible taste. It doesn't feel thin,
 it is very interesting, and it has a feeling of fullness.
It can also rub different sparks with other sauces.

Winged bean stirred with fish sauce

Winged bean stirred with fish sauce, 
a kind of beans that can usually be seen less often,
 are not often seen in the traditional vegetable market, 
and the aroma is fascinating after adding the fish sauce. 
But it’s a bit tired after eating!

House special hot and sour pho

House special hot and sour pho, including raw beef, 
cooked beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, beef balls, 
added a hot and sour taste on the basis of the House special pho.

Chicken Silk pho

Chicken Silk pho is a good choice for those who do not eat beef.
 The taste is very light, the chicken does not dry wood, 
and the aroma of chicken soup is taken.

The seafood sour and hot pho

The seafood sour and hot pho , the seafood is fresh, 
there is no such thing as the use of sour and spicy to cover off the smell, 
and the addition of lemon and nine-layered bean sprouts 
makes the taste more. But also I like to eat this combination!

Curry chicken with French bread

Curry chicken with French bread and curry with rich coconut milk 
makes the sauce soft but not greasy.

Curry chicken with French bread

If you want to eat Vietnamese food, you can't eat pho. 
Their soup is freshly cooked every day. The soup is very comfortable to drink.
 There is no smell or miscellaneous taste. 
The pho is also good. It is my favorite, not too soft. It’s rotten, 
it’s also elastic, whether it’s a traditional Vietnamese restaurant or an American Vietnamese restaurant, the taste is everything. 
4 people are dining on the same day, each person is about NTD$400.

L.A PHO越南河粉
電話:02 2722 8770


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