Food in Taipei,Da'an District,Liquid Bread Company Sandwich and Beer-American Style

Liquid Bread Company-American Style

Look at this signboard, it seems that there is a foreign company,
 design or clothing brand, and the decoration 
inside the store is very simple and clean and foreign industrial style. 
The goal this time is this [Liquid Bread Company] 
selling American sandwiches and beer.

Since the boss has lived in the United States for many years, 
the whole store has brought American style back to Taiwan,
 so that everyone can enjoy the taste of traditional American 
sandwiches in Taiwan, and also allow foreigners in Taiwan to 
enjoy the taste of hometown.




This combination is often seen in the United States, hamburger fries beer, 
and a packet of potato chips. In addition to the craft beer 
and beer from different brands in other countries! 
Maybe you can find what you like.

Art wall

The big tiger on this wall is very eye-catching and makes the store not so monotonous and gray except for the gray. 
There is also the atmosphere of foreign graffiti walls!



Pickles and salads need to be picked up in the refrigerator

Sandwich and French fries

Sandwich and French friesSandwich

The bread in the store uses the bread from the owner's Purebread bakery, 
which is fresh and chewy. Choose a set menu with a fries, drink or soup.


Classic bacon, Carnitas, Pastrami

Classic bacon, Carnitas, Pastrami

Classic bacon, Carnitas, Pastrami. They are quite worth a try,
 but they must be psychologically prepared. 
The light taste that they usually eat will feel that this is a heavy taste. 
The first reaction is salty, and there is a strong seasoning, 
so the pickles on the one hand can also be greasy. 
Drinks or beer can also be used to lighten the burden.

But it reminds me of the taste I eat when I go to the United States, 
and it tastes very good.
The amount is actually not big, the boy wants to eat enough,
 it should be said that one is actually half of the general sandwich, 
to complete a sandwich is enough.

The price is also high, but you can eat a full copy of the American sandwich.
The price–performance ratio is not high, 
but if you want to taste the traditional American style, you can come! 

三明治 Liquid Bread Company




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