Food in Taipei,Da'an District,Dinghao Zilin steamed dumpling restaurant-cheap food and line up

Dinghao Zilin steamed dumpling-Huasu steamed dumplings, big pancakes with pork 【Zhongxiao Dunhua】

The eastern part of Taipei is often to go, but there is a place that passes by every time, even directly neglecting it. It is a Dinghao shop city. Therefore, the restaurant hidden inside is not found late. 【Dinghao Zilin steamed dumplings】

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was only 11:30AM. The location of the hall was filled with guests. The clerk would ask the number of people and whether they were all together, so even if you are  lined up,but you can't enter without your friends. Reduce the number of people occupying the location and affect the meal time of other guests.

The table and chair position is a lot, the speed of serving is also fast, everyone will leave immediately after eating.


The restaurant is in the basement and the kitchen is semi-open, but there is no smell of soot or the air is too stuffy.


The pastry is on-site production



There are a few choices of side dishes, but the taste is ordinary, not very tasty, and you can add some vegetables.

Steamed dumpling

Steamed dumplingsSteamed dumplings

Steamed dumplings, the skin is thick and chewy, the filling is moderately salty, and the sauce can be used.It’s just that I personally like to add vinegar.

It’s not bad. It’s okay to come over and eat a cage.

Steamed dumplings

 The fried sauce noodles(Zhajiang mian)

 The fried sauce noodles(Zhajiang mian)

The fried sauce noodles(Zhajiang mian),the noodles are elastic and chewy. This kind of noodles is very enjoyable, and there are sauces that use five flavors herb.

Scallion pancake

Scallion pancake is thin and a bit ordinary.

pancake rolls porkpancake rolls pork

The big pancake rolls pork, which is better than the Scallion pancake. The pancake is solid and the fried is very fragrant. With the onion and pork inside, this can order.

Egg soup

Egg soup

 spicy and sour soup

 spicy and sour soup

Mutton soup

Mutton soup, when you come up, feels a big bowl, but in fact, there is not much mutton inside, there will be no smell of sheep, but also the smell of this spice, like a cumin.

The dining experience here is not bad. The service is quite satisfactory. The cutlery and sauces need to be taken by themselves. The serving speed is very fast. It is not the kind that makes you amazing. It is a simple and simple taste, but it will attract you. Come back again. Good value for money,A person can also come to eat.

頂好紫琳蒸餃館 Zi Lin Steamed Dumpling



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