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Chiayi Jiuhuashan Dizang Temple

Traveling in Taiwan rarely treats temples as tourist attractions, except for special prayers. This time, it is also the Jiuhuashan Dizang Temple!

I feel very amazing. In fact, I seriously think about going abroad to go to church to see the architectural style and feel the solemn atmosphere. Why is it less in Taiwan? In fact, the temples built in the early days of Taiwan are still very distinctive and admirable.

The Jiuhuashan Dizang Temple looks very large in appearance and majestic. I will not shoot indoors and Buddha statues when I go to the temple. Respect them, others say that taking pictures is not good!

On the way, it is obvious that you can see this temple, and there is a big Buddha statue outside. At a glance, you know that it must be a temple. There is a big parking lot, so you don't have to worry about parking.

After entering, whether it is to sign for worship, there are any problems, there are service staff can be kindly informed, reducing our confusion, after all, not so familiar with this aspect.

I believe that everyone can find a moment to calm themselves in different temples!


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