Food in Xinbeicity,Xindian,Shandong Chinese restaurant-Green Bean Steamed Dumplings,Fried silver thread roll

Shandong Chinese restaurant-Xiao Bitan famous restaurant

There is an old restaurant in the alley next to the 
Xindian Xiaobitan MRT Station.
 It opened in 1976 and passed to the second generation. 
It is basically full every day. 
It is difficult to arrange meals without making an appointment.
 [Shandong Chinese restaurant]

Front doorFront door

I will know this restaurant, because there are friends who live nearby. 
Even so, it is not every time I can eat. It’s very hasty to go to a friend. 
When I want to eat at a restaurant, the first thing I think is it. 
But for so many years and this time is the second time.
 Booking a day in advance, but also look at luck!


This luck didn't know why it exploded. I didn't expect it. 
I didn't expect the restaurant to be open half  hour ago.
Calling to book a reservation also allowed us to book a seat. 
I almost have to buy a lottery!


Inside space

Inside space

Full of guests, there are also guests to ask, there are a lot of take-away,
 there is a table, the clerk told them that they can only eat for 50 minutes, 
they still choose to sit down to eat, 
put the northeast meat with pickled cabbage hot pot 
in a 50-minute Finished inside!


There are a variety of side dishes to choose from in the small cabinet.
 In addition to the beauty, this cabinet can also protect the function, 
which is quite good. The Braised silver carp below NTD$250 yuan / strip.

Cold salad cabbage

【Cold salad cabbage】
Very appetizing, that sour taste. For me who loves jealousy? completely fine!

Onion Roasted Pork

[Onion Roasted Pork]
The flesh and blood are separated, the meat is soft and tender,
 the sauce is just right, it will not be salty, and it is very tasty.

Green bean steamed dumplings

【Green bean steamed dumplings】
Friendly reminder: steamed dumplings should be ordered quickly, 
otherwise it is very likely that they will not be eaten, they will be sold out.
Half an hour after the store opened, fresh fish steamed dumplings and shiitake mushroom steamed dumplings were sold out, and there was an incredible exaggeration.

steamed dumplingssteamed dumplings

I had to come to two cages of steamed dumplings, 
and the green beans were used as the filling. 
It was really good, but it was really good, the skin was thin, 
the faint fragrance was crisp, and the taste of chewing was very rich. 
I guess I can eat a cage alone . There is also a special sauce on the saucer, 
which is slightly spicy.

Chives dumplings

[Chives dumplings] used to be homemade by the store.
 I heard that it is not made by the restaurant itself. 
It is purchased from the outside. It is so amazing that 
there is no steamed dumplings.

shredded pork with dried bean curd

[shredded pork with dried bean curd] The color looks deep and 
the sauce color is up, but the taste is not very heavy.

Basil eggplant

[Basil eggplant] The aroma of the Basil is my love.

Fried silver thread roll(Yinsijuan)

Fried silver thread roll(Yinsijuan) can only say that the impulse is the devil.
 Originally, there is no point in this way, but I have always seen the 
clerk take it out of the kitchen. Every table seems to have it. In order to unite, cooperate with everyone, and squat down to order. Eat with condensed milk, explosion of Calorie!

Well-known is the northeast Meat with pickled cabbage hot pot, 
which is full of ingredients, sour cabbage is also delicious, this time no point.

The owner and wife are very kind and the staff is very good.
If you have a Xindian, Xiao Bitan can try it,
 but remember to make an appointment!


電話:02-2219 3541

早上 11:00 - 14:00

下午 17:00 - 20:30
最後點餐時間 下午13:50 晚上20:20
山東小館公休日 每月第一個禮拜三


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