Food in Taipei,Nangang,Beidahuang Dumpling restaurant-Big dumplings, luwei,line up

Big Mac dumplings,Smoked luwei,Noodles

There is a famous local restaurant in the middle of Nangang Station 
and Nangang Exhibition Hall. The dining time must be in line.
 People who work in the nearby Nangang Software Park
 should also have eaten. There are only flour products here.
 People who like it can't be missed. 
【Beidahuang】 I have visited 3~4 times,
 and I have to wait until I get out of the restaurant.


Front door

Front door

Every time I come here to eat, I will estimate the mistake.
 I always feel that I will eat the same. I think it is similar to other restaurants.
 The result is a big mistake.


Behind the counter on the first floor of the meal payment is the kitchen.
 The luwei cabinet is next to it. After picking it up, 
hand it to the clerk to inform the table number.
 The first thing to enter the store is to find a table first!




Here, the luwei is a must-eat. Even if you don't want to eat it,
 you can see that every table is cut. It is difficult to eat or not. It is also an indispensable side dish with pasta.

The dining area has a first floor and a second floor. 
There are more seats on the second floor,
 but it is only necessary to pay attention to the stairs.


Dumpling seasonings and cutlery

green onionchili

In the orange bowl, the basic sauce has been prepared.
 Soy sauce sesame oil can also be matched according to your preference.
 The chili sauce will not be spicy or try it. It is really spicy.

raw dumplings

The water-filled dumplings wrapped in the store, 
even if the sales volume is fast, but it is not so good.


Predicting the first element of the error, smoked luwei,
 unconsciously want to eat, how can you so much after holding the table?
 Is it really our folder? Still really ~~

A thought comes to my heart, and I eat it with a lo-mei taste. 
Are other meals still eaten? Big question mark!


Predicting the second element of the error, 
the main character of the big dumplings, all named big dumplings,
 naturally can not live up to the name, 
is a big one, eat one can reach the general dumplings 2 to 3,
 normal boys eat 10 Girls eat 5, it is very powerful.

Still does not contain other meals, a single taste, pork stuffing,
 leeks and scallion, solid stuffing, gravy, dumpling skin with chewing, 
chews like meat will be very enjoyable.

vegetable and miso soupMiso soup

In addition to the large plate, the bowl is also large,
 other restaurants use hot dishes on the plate, here is a large bowl,
 miso soup is also a large bowl to 2 to 3 people to drink.


The dry hot noodles are ordinary, the noodles are good,
 and the seasonings are a little pity. 
The dumplings are more attractive to my stomach.

Beidahuang dumpling restaurant, 
suitable for friends who like dumpling noodles,
 but psychological preparation, the clerk's service is not very good,
 it can be said that there is no service, in addition to serving,
 especially they are very busy in time, too many customers,
 health The aspect is very open and it seems that it is not clean and tidy. 
It is best to wipe the table with the toilet paper.
 If you are picky about the environment, you should consider it.
 You should also carefully record the content.
 You may have to send a mistake. opportunity.

南港 北大荒水餃店
週一 - 週日: 上午11:00 - 下午9:00


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