Leisure Cat Life EP02 - Free to run in the Countryside Home Garden

Envious of the kitten, 
orange cat is bullied by other cats every time, 
orange cat is also the most kind, 
you have to worry about whether it has food.

The feeling of being stared at them is still quite amazing, 
or do they know that they want to see the camera?

They are not as fat as other indoors, and the muscles are tighter. 
After all, they run a lot of space, exercise and slenderness.

Queue in line

Cat: Do you want to give us snacks?
 I still want to take pictures without paying!

Cat: Still playing with 123 wood people, take a step and stop,
 the first one has snacks to eat.

Cat: I am coming soon

Cat: You have no use value! Go on the side.


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