Food in New Taipei,Shenkeng Bajia restaurant shenkeng tofu-moderate price,convenient parking

Bajia restaurant - adjacent to Shenkeng Old Street

There is eight restaurant not eight restaurants,
 and only one restaurant is called Bajia.

The Shenkeng Old Street of the holiday is full of people. 
The most worried about the friends who drive is the parking space.
 There are limited places where parking is possible nearby.
 I want to eat a deep pit tofu and tangled. 
Another old store has no parking space! 
Let's try it out at Bajia restaurants.

It should be mainly for group guests.
 There will be a group to dine at any time,
 but they also receive individual guests,
 and they can park for free if they come to eat. (Convenience)

Inside space

Therefore, many people come to eat, basically the big table is the main one, 
and there are not many tables for 4 people. 
All three of us are arranged to sit in a seat for 8 people.

Inside space

When there are many people, it is really very noisy and noisy. 
The air conditioner is very strong, otherwise the sun will be hot outside.


This type of restaurant, the speed of serving is like flying fast,
and I always see the dishes along the kitchen.

The bamboo shoots are fresh and delicious, it cooked by large pot  more tasty.


The vegetables are slightly salty, 
and the control of the dishes here is sometimes unstable.

Pork intestines fire Pot, full of ingredients, 
duck blood big intestines are very enjoyable, 
it looks very red but not very spicy, 
slightly salty, this dish can eat a few bowls of rice.

The changing version of the Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce, 
in addition to the seasoning soy sauce, is also topped with spicy oil, 
combined with Sichuan cuisine, but the taste is not bad,
 it feels a bit greasy after eating, 
but not because the pork relationship is sauce,
 but also a meal.

Crab meat tofu, the first few dishes have no tofu, is it very strange, 
come to the pit without eating tofu like it can not be said, 
crab meat is crab meat stick, not fresh crab meat, 
which is understandable, so the degree of attention is On the tofu, 
I have to say that the smell of the beans in the deep pit tofu is good 
with the taste of the entrance.

This is a Taiwanese restaurant.
 It also combines different ways of cooking. 
It tastes good. It is a table dish,
 all of which are paired with a good table of dishes, 
but they can also be served à la carte. 
he environment is also very suitable for large gatherings.
 Group tourists will not be as sophisticated as other restaurants. 
You don't have to look forward to it when you come here.
 The most convenient way is parking. 
The food will be tasteful, the price is moderate,
 and it is not expensive.


地址:222 新北市深坑區北深路三段5號(三級古蹟永安居對面)

營業時間:中午10:30-14:00 晚上17:00-21:00


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