Food in Taipei,Da'an District,DonDonGa Korean Pork Shop-Korea BBQ-Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall station

Iberico pork combination? Harb-pork combination?

On Sunday lunch time, a few friends who 
have not been together for a long time,
 it is not easy for everyone to get together, 
and in order to have a drink (drinking at noon?), 
it is the easiest to find Korean barbecue. 
DonDonGa, today is you~~!

Mainly because the weather was too hot that day,
 I didn't want to spend time walking around,
 or I had to have heat stroke. 
My friends quickly searched for restaurants that were nearby. DonDonGa!

There are indoor and outdoor dining spaces, 
but no one wants to eat barbecue outside in the summer.
 If you think about it, you will sweat all over the body. 
Maybe there is a cooling device outside?

Every table has a range hood. When eating barbecue, 
I am most worried about the smell of oil on the clothes. 
After going out, everyone knows that you have eaten the barbecue,
 so this equipment is still very good.

Seeing the glass bottle inside the refrigerator, this feeling is right, 
eat barbecue with a drink!

When we were studying the menu, 
we were very entangled in the Iberico pork combination NTD$1399 
or the Harb-pork combination  NTD$1099. Later, 
the clerk reminded us that the Iberico pork fat would be higher, 
except for the fear of eating, we didn’t want to eat the oily, 
and finally I ordered a Harb-pork combination.

The baking tray on the table is slanted,
 allowing the excess oil to drip down after the roasting. 
The bean sprouts mixed on the baking tray while dripping, 
and another fat when heated.

The sauce on the baking tray is used for pork. It is not too spicy.
 Also included are Worcester sauce, garlic sesame oil, 
and Korean spicy sauce. Just look at what sauces people like. Generally,
 I still like Korean hot sauce! Other sauces are used as a conversion flavor, 
and green peppers and garlic are also indispensable.

In addition to sesame salad, tea, kelp, onion mix, onion, 
lettuce and bean sprouts on the baking sheet can be 
renewed indiscriminately.
 The taste of the side dishes is good. 
The kelp and onions are sweet and sour, very open. Appetite,
 tea is not very spicy, can also eat spicy.

Harb-pork combination + Harb-pork belly, 
this amount of our 4 people just eat,There are other foods!

When I saw the meat coming up, 
the already hungry stomach was even more hungry. 
The clerk would help the barbecue, 
as long as I was responsible for waiting for meat.

The grilled dish is full of meat and bean sprouts. 
When you see it, you feel satisfied. It is cool to eat.
 Wrap meat and kimchi with lettuce, 
you can get greasy and get more vegetables, 
and drink a glass of shochu. 
The feeling of getting up early on Sunday morning was swept away!

Korean Style clams Soup

Korean Style clams Soup NTD$300

Korean style cold served noodles

Korean style cold served noodles NTD$200 is a very noodle noodle with 
a sweet and sour sauce, and comes in a bowl when the weather is hot.

I almost forgot that we have shochu + beer combo, 
two bottles of beer + a bottle of shochu NTD$499.

The whole meal was satisfying, and the meat also ate and drank.

Everything is just full and full, and there is no support. 
In fact, the guests are not too many. 
The speed of the staff to add small dishes is not very fast.
 Sometimes they will forget the need to remind, 
the price is in the middle, and it is occasional indulgence. Just fine.



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